Tension Adjustable Backrest (TAB)

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Your back isn’t perfectly flat so why should your backrest upholstery be?

A Tension Adjustable Backrest (TAB) can be fitted to majority of wheelchairs and provides support, comfort and posture control. Underneath the padded nylon cover lies a minimum of 7 velcro adjustable straps. The tension in these velcro straps can be adjusted to fit your spinal curvature. This contouring to your unique posture, provides you will additional support and comfort. Improving your sitting tolerance and comfort.

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  • Minimum of 7 straps on a standard backrest
  • Narrow 25mm straps allow contouring exactly where you need it
  • Narrow intervals of 20mm between straps means maximum comfort contouring and pressure distribution
  • Helps to prevent rolling of pelvis into posterior tilt
  • Comes standard with a padded cover which velcros onto the TAB.


Tension Adjustable Backrests can be fully customised and can be specially made for your particular chair.
Contact us and we can assist you.

TAB Width:                  10″ – 24″
TAB Height:                 25cm  – 55cm
Attachment:                 Screws at the top of the backrest
Weight:                        Dependent on dimensions of TAB
Max User Weight:       None


Q: Can I use this backrest on any wheelchair?
A: Yes. A TAB can be customised to any wheelchair.

Q: Why should I use a Tension Adjustable Backrest (TAB)?
A: A TAB provides better posture support and positioning for a user. This is because the tension in the backrest can be changed to fit your spinal curvature. This provides more comfort and support for you.

Q: Can I clean my TAB?
A: Yes. You need to remove the padded cover to expose the TAB. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the cover and the TAB. Let both layers dry completely before putting the cover back over the TAB


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