Sunlift Micro Hoist

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The Sunlift Micro is the smallest in the range of Sunrise Medical Hoists. It is the most compact making it an ideal choice for home use. It has a large range of elevation, allowing for a lift from floor to bed or chair. It is easy to use and heavy-duty. The battery range gives 60 up and downs on a full charge. The hoist actuators incorporate a double security button, light indicator of the battery charge level and an acoustic warning before total discharge happens. It is easily dismantled for storage and transport, and meets the latest European safety standards.

With a User Weight Capacity of 130kg, the Sunlift Micro is suitable for home and institutional use. The hoist is supplied standard with a Quickfit general purpose sling.

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Product Features

Floor Transfers

The Micro Sunlift has an unique feature of its lowest spreader bar height being 45cm. This allows the hoist to transfer a user from the floor onto a surface that is no higher than 1.48m. This allows the user to be transferred from the floor to a bed and/or chair with ease.


The Major Sunlift Hoist features exceptional rigidity thanks to the advanced design of all the moving connections.These eliminate play, providing a rigid feel with the hoist fully loaded. There is a two-sided lever that can be found at the back of the hoist. This allows for quick and easy spreading/narrowing of the feet by stepping on the respective side.


The Sunlift Major Hoist has an ergonomically designed pushing handle. This allows for easier handling of the hoist from different attendant positions.


  • Maximum User Weight – 130kg
  • Safety Spreader bar features a non-slip coating and cross over hook design to prevent the straps working loose.
  • Floor to bed or wheelchair lifts are possible
  • Ergonomic Pushing Handle
  • Supplied with Quickfit Sling



Max User Weight


Product Weight


Total Overall Length


Narrowest Width
(Narrow Feet)


Widest With
(Spread Feet)


Feet Height


Max Height of Spreader Bar


Min Height of Spreader Bar


Turning Circle


Max Height of Hoist Frame


Min Height of Hoist Frame



2x 12V



Q: How many lifts can be on one charge
A: The 2.9Amph batteries provide a range of about 60 double uses (up and down). It is recommended that the battery is always charged. It can charge over night as the charger prevents any over-charging from occurring.

Q: Is the hoist provided with a sling?
A: Yes. A medium Quick fit sling is provided with the Hoist. Other slings are available.

Q: Can the Hoist be used to lift out of the bath?
A: No. The legs of the hoist need to be positioned underneath the user. This is not possible with standard baths as they are sealed. There is not gap for the hoist feet to go into.

Q: Is there any safety feature on the Sunlift Hoist?
A: Yes, there is an emergency stop button on the battery. Pushing this button in, cuts all power to the hoist. Power cannot be restored until the emergency button is turned and pops back out. When the hoist is first purchased, the emergency stop is normally engaged. You need to disengage it, before starting to use the hoist


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