Quickie WheelDrive Power Assist

From R238,000.00

The innovative WheelDrive power assist is designed to make driving your wheelchair easier – in every situation. And it offers therapeutic benefits at the same time. Due to its unique dual rim concept, WheelDrive not only gives power assistance while self-propelling, it also allows for continues drive. Simply choose the support you need and enjoy more freedom and stay active – in your own manual wheelchair!


  • Power assistance or continuous drive.
  • Choose from 3 support levels for drive-assist
  • Choose from 3 speeds for continuous drive
  • Easily switch beteen drive or support mode
  • Easily fits on almost any wheelchair
  • 11.5kg per wheel


  • Loading Weight – 11.5kg per wheel
  • Maximum User Weight – 130kg
  • Maximum Speed – 10km/hr
  • Max Camber – 3′
  • Range –


Q: Who can benefit from the WheelDrive power assist?
A: Do you experience arm or shoulder pain, or a decrease in strength? Does your energy level fluctuate a lot during the day? Or is it just too demanding to propel your wheelchair all the time?
Q: Is single arm propulsion possible with WheelDrive
A: No. WheelDrive is not compatible with single arm propulsion
Q: Is foot propulsion possible with WheelDrive
A: No. WheelDrive is not compatible with foot propulsion
Q: Which wheelchairs can the WheelDrive be fitted to?
A: The WheelDrive wheels can be easily mounted on virtually any lightweight or standard wheelchair. So you can continue to use your own manual chair, customized to fit your specific needs. Of course, you can swap back to the original manual wheels too



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