Mini Scooter (HS-295)

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The Mini Scooter is a small, compact 4-wheeled scooter. This scooter can be easily dismantled into 3 components for easily transportation in a car or trailer. The rounded steering handle, allows the user to operate the scooter by either pushing or pulling the respective lever to go forward or to reverse. The scooter comes standard with a reverse bleep. Warning those around you when changing direction. The front basket provides a good storage unit for anything that you might be needing to carry with you.

This scooter has an average travel range of 11km with a maximum speed of 8km/hr. Available in Red or Blue, the Mini Scooter provides a great solution for an individual needing a simple, mobile device that can be easily transported.

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Product Features

Adjustable Steering Column

The steering column of the Mini Scooter can be adjusted easily to either be closer or further away from the user using a simple lever. This lever is found at the bottom of the steering column and also allows the steering column to fold flat, when transporting the scooter.

Convenient Manual/Power Lever

The Mini Scooter has a convenient lever underneath the seat to change the mode of the scooter. This lever allows for the scooter to be moved manually without needing to drive the scooter into the desired storage place.

Swivel Chair

The Mini Scooter Seat can be easily swiveled to the side, using the lever under the seat. Allowing for a hassle-free transfers. The armrests can also be flipped upwards and widen, should you want more space.


  • 4 wheels
  • Colours: Candy Red or Blue
  • Foldable and wireless for easy dismantling and transportation
  • On board charger – just plug and charge
  • 2x 12Amp batteries – maintenance free
  • 1-year carry in guarantee
  • Flip-up armrests and swivel seat
  • Front basket for storage
  • Hooter and speed control


Product Weight:        43kg (heaviest dismantled component 16kg)
Weight Limit:             120Kg
Overall Length:         1020mm
Overall Width:           500mm
Seat Width:               17″ (armrest width adjustable)
Max Speed:               8km/hour
Batteries:                   2 x 12Amp
Travel Range:           11kms
Ground Clearance:   40mm
Turning Radius:        1150mm
Charger:                   2Amp Charger


Q: What is the main benefit of the Mini Scooter (HS-295)?
A: This scooter is foldable. It can be easily dismantled into different components with the heaviest component only weighing 16kgs.

Q: Will my medical aid pay for one?
A: Some medical aids have an exclusion on Scooters. You will need to contact them and inquire about your benefits

Q: What is the range of the Mini Scooter?
A: The average travel range is 11kms on a fully charged battery. This range will be effected by the weight of the user and the type of terrain.

Q: How long will my batteries last
A: On average, a set of batteries will need to be replaced after 1 year. If you use your Scooter every day for long distances, they may not last as long as 1 year. Remember to keep your batteries charged and do not let them run flat. The scooter batteries can not over charge, so you can charge your scooter over night.

Repairs & Maintenance

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