Roho Quad Select High Profile Cushion

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The HIGH PROFILE QUADTRO SELECT cushion consists of interconnected air cells with a 10.25cm height. These cell have the capability to conform and adapt to the user’s body shape, mimicking the pressure redistribution properties of water. This conformity reduces the effects of friction and shear on tissue, which are the primary factors in pressure injury formation. It is available is the same sizes as the Low Profile Quadtro Select cushion and has no user weight limit.

At just 1.6kg, the High Profile Quadtro Select is lightweight cushion which can be easily washed and even repaired, if necessary. The High Profile cushion provides better pressure care when compared to the Low Profile cushion. This is due to the cushion height of 10.25cm which allows for more immersion in the cushion.

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Product Features


The High Profile cells are made from flame-resistant, black neoprene and filled with air. The air is able to flow between the cells allowing constant adjustment providing great pressure care and supporting the shifts and movements of the user throughout the day. At a height of 10.25cm, the cushion provides great immersion for the user, providing excellent pressure care.


A Quadtro Select Cushion is made of 4 compartments. Air flow between the four compartments is controlled by the Isoflo Memory Control Valve. This features allows for front-to-back and side-to-side positioning capabilities. Providing stability, positioning and comfort for the user.


The Isoflo Memory Control Valve controls the air flow in the Quadtro Select Cushion in two ways. The green valve allows free air flow between quadrants, the red valve prevents air flow between the quandrants. This valve is very sensitive and should never be used to move the cushion between the surfaces.


The convenient cover handle allows for the cushion to be moved and transported with ease. It also prevents any damage to the cushion that may occur from picking it up incorrectly, such as, by the Isoflo Memory Control Valve.


This valve controls the amount of air in the High Profile Quadtro Select Cushion. Turn the valve anti-clockwise, to loosen it and allow air to be added to the cushion using the supplied pump. Once pumped to the desired pressure, turn the valve clockwise to close it and prevent air from leaking out of the cushion. Then use the Isoflo Memory Control Valve to get the correct pressure in each quadrant.


  • Available in 10″ to 24″ Seat Width and Seat Depth
  • 10.8cm (4.25″) Cell Height
  • No user weight Limit
  • Supplied with cover, pump and emergency repair kit
  • Washable cushion and cover
  • Made from flame resistant neoprene (no Latex)
  • Can be repaired and patched to prolong life



Cushion Width

10″ – 24″

Cushion Depth

10″ – 24″

Cushion Height


Max User Weight

(needs to be sized correctly)

Product Weight


Cushion Immersion



Q: Which cushion is best for sitting very long periods?
A: The High Profile Roho Quadtro Select cushion height is over 10cm high. This allows for maximum immersion and envelopment while seated. The ability to sink into the cushion, allows the best pressure distribution and pressure care.

Q: How long will my cushion last?
A: The cushion lifespan varies greatly from one user to the next. The average lifespan is 3-5 years.

Q: If I have pressure sores, can I sit on my Roho?
A: Roho Quadtro Select Cushions are designed to both prevent and heal pressure sores. If you have a stage 1,2 or 3 injury, you may sit on your cushion, provided the wound is monitored frequently.

Q: How often should I check the pressure in my cushion?
A: A daily hand check is recommended. This is a quick and easy way to ensure the pressure is correct.

Repairs & Maintenance

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