Jay Fusion Cushion

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The Jay Fusion is low maintenance cushion designed for an individual at high risk of skin breakdown, unable to weight shift and/or has limited postural stability. It consists of a firm, pre-contoured foam base with a high-resilient foam layer, posterior pelvic wall and gel pad/air pad. The foam base is rigid and therefore provides a great, firm base of support. It can be easily modified with secondary components to meet the unique seating needs of a particular individual. The option of choosing better a gel pad or air pad, makes this cushion optima for comfort and support.

At a height of 10.2cm, the Jay Fusion is one of the thicker Jay cushions available. It is an appropriate cushion for an individual needing superior skin protection while maxmising stability and comfort.



  • Low maintenance
  • Washable with soap and water
  • Cushion Height of 10.2cm (std profile) and 8.6cm (reduced profile)
  • Dartex-coated Lycra cover
  • Designed for those at a high risk of skin breakdown
  • Easily customised with variety of secondary supports to accommodate specific client needs
  • Contoured, firm foam base to provide optimal pelvic positioning
  • Gel Pad or Air Pad positioned in the seat well, which conforms to bony prominence, providing maximum pressure distribution and reduction



Cushion Width

14″ – 24″

Cushion Depth

35cm – 64cm

Cushion Height

(std profile)
(reduced profile)

Max User Weight


Product Weight


Cushion Cover Included



Q: What is the benefit of the firm foam base on the Jay Fusion?
A: The firm, contoured foam base of the Jay Fusion provides good stability and positioning for an individual. It also provides a solid surface on which other adaptions can be done to accommodate an individual’s unique positioning needs.

Q: Who is the Jay Fusion designed for?
A: An individual with a high risk of skin breakdown and shear. It is designed for individuals who are unable to weight shift, have limited postural stability and/or are unable to re-position themselves. The gel pad/air pad at the back of the cushion provides better pressure care management when compared to a standard foam cushion.

Q: What is the benefit of the Jay Fusion Inner Cushion Cover?
A: The inner cushion cover is 4-way stretch lycra coated in dartex. The 4-way stretch lycra allows the cover to take on the full shape of the foam, reducing the surface tension. The dartex coating makes the cover water-resistant and makes it easy to just wipe off any fluid. This provides a layer of protection over the foam base, increasing the lifespan of the cushion.

Q: What guarantee does it come with?
A: The Jay Fusion comes with a 2 year guarantee.


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