Deluxe Heavy Duty Scooter (HS-898)

From R54,630.00

Do you rely on your scooter for daily transport?
The Deluxe Heavy Duty Scooter is ideal for you. With a max speed of 15km/hr and an average travel range of 27km, it is the best in our scooter range. It has 4 13″ wheels, giving it a ground clearance of 100mm and allowing you to navigate rough terrain with ease and confidence. The built-in suspension in the front and back, provides a smoother ride. The seat can swivel for easily transfers and recline for added comfort. The scooter comes standard with a reverse bleep. Warning those around you when changing direction. The front basket provides a good storage unit for anything that you might be needing to carry with you. The double mirrors provide better visibility when using the scooter.

Available in Red or Sliver, the Deluxe Heavy Duty Scooter provides a great solution for an individual who uses a scooter regularly for transport purposes..

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Product Features


The steering column of the Deluxe Heavy Duty Scooter can be adjusted easily to either be closer or further away from the user using a simple lever. This lever is found on the steering column. The dual mirrors provide extra visibility when using the scooter. 


The Deluxe Heavy Duty Scooter has a convenient lever at the back of the scooter, to change the functional mode of the scooter. This lever allows for the scooter to be moved manually without needing to drive the scooter into the desired storage place.


The Deluxe Heavy Duty Scooter Seat can be easily swiveled to the side, using the lever under the seat. Allowing for a hassle-free transfers. The armrests can also be flipped upwards and widen, should you want more space. The backrest can recline to provide added comfort. 


  • Colours: Silver or Candy Red
  • 4 wheels for best stability
  • Seat Width – 20″
  • 2x 50 Amp batteries
  • Supplied with Charger- easy to charge- just plug and charge
  • Swivel Captains Chair with headrest (no extra charge!)
  • Front shopping basket


Product Weight (Incl Batteries):   117kg
Max User Weight Limit:               181kg
Overall Width:                              680mm
Overall Length:                          1440mm
Overall Height:                           1360mm
Seat Width:                                  460mm
Max Speed:                                   15km/hr
Travel Range:                                27km
Ground clearance:                       100mm
Grade climbable:                           10degrees
Turning radius:                           1600mm
Batteries:                                   2x 50Amp


Q: Will my medical aid pay for one?
A: Some medical schemes have an exclusion on Scooters. You will need to contact your scheme and inquire about your benefits.

Q: What size batteries do they have
A: The Deluxe Heavy Duty Scooter has two 50Amp batteries.

Q: Do you have spare parts and service backup?
A: We keep spare parts for all CE Mobility products and have technicians to repair and service

Q: How long will my batteries last
A: On average, a set of batteries will need to be replaced after 1 year. If you use your Scooter every day for long distances they may not last as long as 1 year.

Repairs & Maintenance

When you purchase your wheelchair and various mobility devices, ensure your supplier has the repair and service backup you will need in the future. We carry spare parts for all our products and with trained technicians to service and repair any product you purchase from us, you can rest assured that your product will last many years in the future

Contact any of our branches for pricing and availability on spare parts.



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