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The CE Velocity is a rigid, motorised wheelchair with large chunky wheels, powerful 400 Watt motors, super-sized batteries and added suspension, perfectly equipped to take on tough South African terrain yet sensitive enough to manoeuvre indoors. Available with optional motorised tilt in space and/or lift module..

The robust Monotube frame is designed to offer uncompromising strength and durability. The CE Velocity has been designed around large front castors which allow for excellent access of difficult terrain.

Product Features

Angle Adjustable Backrest

Fine tune the backrest angle to suit your seating preference

Large Wheels

Large front & rear wheels provide a more comfortable ride and allow you to cover rougher terrain

50 Amp/hour Batteries

Larger capacity 50 Amp/hour batteries 

50 Amp/hour batteries

Monotube Frame 

The monotube frame design for uncompromising strength and durability.

Monotube frame


  • Adjustable backrest angle
  • Fold down backrest for easy transport
  • Motorised Tilt-in-space and/or Lift options (upcharge)
  • Large front castors and rear wheels
  • Rear suspension for comfort
  • Superior off-road capabilities
  • Adjustable Seat Depth
  • 2 x 50Amp/hour sealed lead acid batteries
  • Full range of customisation options


Q: What batteries does my wheelchair use?
A: Your Velocity comes with 2 x 50amp batteries.
Q: Can It be folded?
A: No, the velocity is a fixed frame chair , it can not be folded.
Q: Can I use my chin or foot to control the chair?
A: Yes, the velocity does offer the option to have a chin or foot control.
Q: How long will my batteries last?
A: Your Batteries could last 3 months-3 years, this depends entirely on usage. Someone that uses the chair daily as a “car” will typically have less use out the batteries than someone that uses the chair to get around shopping centers etc.
Q: What guarantee does the Velocity come with?
A: The velocity comes with a 1 years guarantee , this excludes , water , impact and damage due to negligence/abuse, as well as, bearings ,tyres and general wear and tear
Q: Will my medical aid pay?
A: This depends entirely on your medical aid and plan type, you will need to contact your medical aid directly to check on the availability
Q: How long will it take to be manufactured?
A: The velocity is locally manufactured and will take 4-6 weeks to be made to your specifications.


Maximum User Weight

Loading Weight

Total Wheelchair Weight

Overall Wheelchair Width 670mm

Overall Wheelchair Length 1050mm

Seat Height

Seat Width
12 to 22″

Seat Depth
12 to  20″

Backrest Height
330 to 600mm


0 to 50°

10 to 24°

Battery Type
50 Amp/hour

Battery Size 200X165X170

Maximum Speed



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