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South Africa has diverse landscapes that pose different challenges for individuals. The Tuffee wheelchair was developed due to the need for a wheelchair that was affordable and had an increased durability for rough terrain. This locally manufactured wheelchair has 1.75cm broad rear wheels with 8″x 2″ front castors. These broader wheels allow the wheelchair to cruise through sand and rough terrain with ease, preventing the risk of getting caught/stuck or in some cases, tipped forwards out of your chair. The crossbar and upholstery are reinforced to increase the durability and lifespan of the wheelchair.

It is available in a range of sizes to fit both children and adults. The armrests and footrests are removable to aid transfers and transportation of the chair. The footrests are also height adjustable so they can be modified to fit each user’s specific needs.

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Product Features

Broader Front Castor

The Tuffee Wheelchair has a 8″x 2″ front castor. This makes it 1″ wider than the standard castor. The increased castor width, helps to navigate more uneven surfaces with ease, as it doesn’t get as caught in narrow spaces.

Reinforced Upholstery

The seat and backrest upholstery is reinforced on the Tuffee. This increases the lifespan of the upholstery as the chair is usually use on a rougher terrain when compared to a standard wheelchair.

Easily Folded

The Tuffee Wheelchair is easily folded by lifting the seat upwards. The chair becomes nice and compact for loading into a vehicle or storing in a cupboard. Ensure that you have flipped the footrest plates upwards, otherwise they will stop the chair from folding.

Adjustable Footrest Height

While using a 13 spanner, the wheelchair footrest height can easily adjusted. Allowing for the optimal height to be achieved for each individual. If you are unsure of how to adjust your footplates correctly, click here to follow the easy steps.



Maximum User Weight


Loading Weight


Total Wheelchair Weight


Overall Wheelchair Width

Seat width
+ 25cm

Overall Wheelchair Length


Overall Wheelchair Height


Seat Width

10″ – 20″

Seat Depth

41cm standard
(45cm or 47cm custom extra)

Backrest Height


Front Seat Height


Rear Seat Height


Frame Colour(s)


Backrest Angle / Recline

Not Available


Not Available


Not Available


Q: What is the difference between a CE Cruiser and a Tuffee Wheelchair?
A: The Tuffee wheelchair is more suited to a rougher environment/terrain when compared to the standard CE Cruiser. It comes standard with broader castors and rear wheels. These make it easier to navigate more uneven/loose terrain.The reinforced backrest upholstery, increases its durability for the harsher environment.

Q: Does it fold up and can it be put into a vehicle?
A: Yes, the CE Tuffee is a folding wheelchair. It can be easily transport in a car. For smaller cars, the footrests and rear wheels can be removed easily to make the chair more compact to fit into tight, small spaces.

Q: What Guarantee does it come with?
A: All CE Mobility’s products have a “Carry in guarantee”.  The Tuffee has a 12 month Guarantee, this excludes consumerable parts such as tyres, bearings and general wear and tear.

Q: Does it come with a cushion?
A: No, Cushions are sold separately, there are a wide variety of options available to suit your pressure care and comfort needs.

Q: What Adjustments or options are available?
A: Any changes to a standard chair will incur an up-charge and will increase the waiting period for the wheelchair. Examples of some of the available upcharges are, Amputee Brackets, Variety of Colour options, TAB backrest, Variation in overall Backrest Height.

Repairs & Maintenance

When you purchase your wheelchair and various mobility devices, ensure your supplier has the repair and service backup you will need in the future. We carry spare parts for all our products and with trained technicians to service and repair any product you purchase from us, you can rest assured that your product will last many years in the future

Contact any of our branches for pricing and availability on spare parts.



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