Rough Rider – Offroad

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The ideal folding off-road wheelchair.
The innovative design of moving the castors forward, without increasing the overall length of the wheelchair, reduces the amount of weight that the castors bear. This allows for easier propulsion of the wheelchair over uneven terrain. The increased width of the castor to 10cm, further enhances the chairs ability to navigate rougher terrain.


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Product Features

Unique Wider Castor

The Rough Rider is fitted with an extra wide castor. Measuring at 4cm in width, this castor allows you to navigate over rough terrain with ease. It is one of the unique features to this chair which make it the ultimate, folding off-road wheelchair.

Longer Wheel Base

Moving of the castor position forwards on this wheelchair frame, elongates the wheelchair’s wheel base. This decreases the loading weight on the castors, making  the chair more stable and less likely to tip forwards, without adding any more length to the chair.

Adjustable Footrests

The footrests on the Rough Rider are unable to swing-away, like on a standard wheelchair. They can be flipped up to allow the user to put their feet on the floor and to get off the wheelchair. The footrests are height adjustable to ensure that optimum comfort and positioning can be achieved for the user.

Fender Sideguards

The Rough Rider comes standard with fender sideguards. They unfortuantely cannot be changed for armrests. Fender sideguards bend over the wheels, protecting you from objects that your rear wheels might pick up. It also prevents your clothes from getting dirty or marked.


Maximum User Weight


Loading Weight


Total Wheelchair Weight


Overall Wheelchair Width

Seat Width
+ 24cm

Overall Wheelchair Length


Overall Wheelchair Height

74cm – 84cm

Seat Width

14″ / 16″ / 18″ / 19″

Seat Depth

40cm / 43.5cm / 45cm

Backrest Height

35cm – 45cm

Front Seat Height


Rear Seat Height


Frame Colour(s)

28 Options
(Black Std)

Backrest Angle / Recline

Not Available



Not Available


Q: Can the Rough Rider be transported easily?
A: The Rough Rider can be folded by lifting the seat. It can then be lifted into a car to transport it.

Q: What makes this chair the “Ultimate Off-Road Wheelchair”?
A: The Rough Rider has a longer wheel base when compared to a standard wheelchair. This increases the ability of the user to navigate uneven terrain.

Q: Is the Rough Rider Adjustable?
A: Yes. The Rough Rider has an adjustable COG (Centre of Gravity) to make the wheelchair more active/stable for the user. Tilt can also be added to the chair but dropping the rear wheel position.

Repairs & Maintenance

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