Quickie Helium

From R69,800.00

Minimalist design and impressive driving performance – that’s what the Quickie Helium wheelchair is all about.
From just 6.8kg the Helium is ultra-lightweight with outstanding rigidity for the ultimate ride. The infinitely adjusable Centre of Gravity allows you to fine tune and adjust your driving performance.


  • Weight with wheels- from 6.8kg
  • Max User weight of 125kg
  • Infinite Centre of Gravity Adjustability

Prices vary considerably depending on factors such as specifications chosen and current exchange rate. Call us for a quick estimate on your next wheelchair


Q: What adjustments are available?
A: Invisible castor form adjustment: A patented mechanism that hides the fork angle adjustment inside the castor tube. Easy adjustment, less materials and smooth styling Lightweight back angle adjustment: fixed, folding and folding/double locking backrests Quickie & simple centre of gravity adjustment
Q: Can I camber my wheels?
A: Yes you can, a camber of 0deg-3deg is available
Q: Is their an option to have the front of the chair tapered?
A: Yes you can taper your frame, please chat to your seating specialist or Occupational therapists about the benefits and disadvantages to this.
Q: Does it come with a cushion?
A: No, you will need to be assessed seperately for a cushion, one of our skilled seating specialists or Occupational therapists will be able to assist and guide you.
Q: Does it fold?
A: No, the Helium is a RIGID wheelchair, however the backrest does fold down onto the seat and the rear wheels are removable, which makes travelling in a vehicle possible.
Q: Will my medical aid pay?
A: This depends entirely on your medical aid and plan type, you will need to contact your medical aid directly to confirm wheelchair benefits. Any shortfall will be for your account.
Q: Do I need to come in for measurements?

A: Yes, the Helium is a Special Import and has to be custom made, you will need to come in and be measured and will need to sign the order form before the chair can be ordered.

Q: How long will it take to get my wheelchair?
A: The Helium is an imported wheelchair and can take from 4-12 weeks to arrive, this depends greatly on the time of the year and delays beyond our control



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