Q100 Series

From R128,000.00

The new Q100 series is an ultra-compact indoor/outdoor entry level powerchair. Its ultra-small footprint and tight turning circle make navgating narrow, small spaces a breeze.

The SMART Base Technology used to design this power chair, allows for the chair to be safely used when travelling up hills of 6 degrees. This technology has aided the traction and stability of the chair when being used outdoors. The punchy 55Ah batteries allow for up to 30kms of adventures on one charge. A kerb climb can be added to the front of the chair. This enables the chair to tackle a kerb up to 4″ (100mm) high at a low-speed.

The backrest of the chair folds forwards and the lighter weight of the chair, makes it easy for the chair to be hoisted into a vehicle.

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  • Seat Width 15″ – 19″
  • Seat Depth 16″ – 20″
  • Fixed Backrest height of 17.5″
  • Ajustable backrest angle from 0* – 12*
  • Overall Chair width – 540mm and length – 1010mmTight turning circle – 1600mm
  • Folded height – 640mm
  • Max Speed of 6kph
  • Max user weight of 125kgs
  • Max safe slope incline 6*
  • 4 Colour options – Blue, Green, Black and Red
  • Max Range – 31km
  • Wheelchair Weight – 95kg (including 55Ah Batteries)


Q: What colours can I choose?
A: The Q100 has a sleek black bodywork with a choice of 4 colour inserts to personalise your wheelchair in red, black, yellow or blue.
Q: What makes the Q100 a perfect indoor wheelchair?
A: The ultra slim base of 540mm makes the Q100 perfect for fitting through small spaces
Q: Is the Q100 also suitable for outdoors?
A: Yes! The 1010mm length base provides the best stability- Even when go up slopes of 6 degrees
Q: Is there suspension?
A: Yes. The drive-wheel suspension allows a smooth responsive ride you would normally only find in a larger wheelchair.



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