Pre-ischial Cushion

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The Pre-ischial Cushion is a 3-layered foam cushion. It consists of two chip foam layers and an open-cell memory foam layer. The cushion is made with a standard pre-ischial shelf. This shelf allows for pelvic stability, improving the user’s positioning and comfort. The open-cell memory foam layer is used as an interface layer. It contours over the chip foam and provides a soft, comfort surface for the user to sit on. This cushion comes in a variety of sizes to fit all wheelchairs. The cushion can also be customised to a smaller size on request.

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  • Choose the seat width and depth required
  • Made from high quality Chip foam and Open cell Memory foam
  • Pre-ischial shelf for better positioning
  • Can be customised to a smaller width/depth when compared to standard sizes



Cushion Width

10″ – 24″
(can be customised on request)

Cushion Depth

41cm – 51cm
(can be customised on request)

Cushion Height


Max User Weight


Product Weight


Cushion Cover Included

(can purchased separately)


Q: What is the benefit of a Pre-ischial Shelf?
A: The Pre-ischial shelf aids the positioning of the pevlis. It prevents the pelvis from tilting backwards. by blocking the movement of the ischial tuberosities. This provides stability to the pelvis and therefore supports the user while sitting, making it more comfortable for them

Q: Why are there two types of foam in the cushion?
A: The Pre-ischial cushion is made up of chip foam and an open-cell memory foam. The chip foam provides the rigidity to the cushion, whereas the open-cell memory foam provides comfort. The two types of foam are needed to provide the postural support and comfort.

Q: Does this cushion come with a cover?
A: No, the cushion cover is purchased separately. You can purchase either a non-waterproof or waterproof cover with the cushion.

Repairs & Maintenance

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