Permobil F3 Front-drive

From R380,000.00

The F3 Corpus offers a small footprint which lets users move through the tightest spaces. Thanks to the lower platform and repositioned centre-of-gravity, stability is greatly improved on inclines and declines. Comfort is supreme with the fully independent suspension and famous Corpus Seating System.


  • 12″ Seat elevator
  • AP tilit function with 5, 10, 20, 30 degrees of anterior tilt.
  • Posterior electric seat tilt adjustment
  • Programmable anterior electric seat tilt adjustment
  • Full colour LCD display on hand controls
  • ESP (Enhanced Steering Performance) allows optimal speed and performance on a front-wheel-drive
  • Comfort Ride Fully independent suspension
  • AP seat elevator lifts you 35cm
  • 180 degrees of Power recline


Load Weight

Maximum User

Seat Width

Seat Depth

Back Height


Q: What are the benefits of a Front wheel drive wheelchair?
A: The bigger drive wheel hits any obstacle first making them better in rougher terrain.
Q: Can you get a closer footrest angle on a Front wheel drive?
A: Yes. Definatley. Because there are no swivel castors in front, you can get up to a 90 degree footrest angle.
Q: What is ESP
A: Enhanced Steering Performance is technology designed by PErmobil to dampen the “fishtail” effect of a front wheel drive wheelchair. Its gives you speed and freedom of movement.
Q: What is Programmable Anterior Tilt?
A: You can choose an anterior seat angle that suits you for reaching the world in front of you. A simple press of a button takes you to that angle. This is only available on the F3 and F5 models
Q: What is the Corpus Seating System
A: This is the seating system designed by Permobil to effectively support the clinical, functional and lifestyle needs of wheelchair users.
Q: What Power options does the Corpus Seating System have
A: There are 5 optional power seat functions. Anterior seat tilt, seat lift, backrest recline, leg rest adjustment, seat tilt.



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