Pacer Fixed Frame

From R9,520.00

The proven reliability of a Pacer with a lightweight, compact fixed front frame… lighter but with all the adjustability…
The Pacer Fixed Frame is no ordinary folding wheelchair. It comes with hundreds of options and adjustments you would expect to only find on high-end, customised wheelchairs. The fixed frame footrest design reduces the weight and allows for a more compact, modern looking design. Design changes have reduced the weight significantly from the Pacer Steel folding Wheelchair


Product Features

Fixed Front Footrests

With footplates integrated into the frame of the chair, this frame is comparable with a rigid frame but the added convenience of a folding frame. Fixed foot rests also allow a more compact overall length making turning circle smaller.

Removable Armrests

These single post, height adjustable armrests come in either full or desk sizes. They can be height adjustable and remove easily for efficient transfers. Removable sideguard option is available.

Rear Seat Height and Center of Gravity Adjustments

The Pacer frame allows adjustments in the rear seat height. This adjustment is great to provide more stability by creating dip in the seat for those with decreased balance. Center of gravity adjustments can turn a safe chair into an active chair that allows the front wheels to lift easily.


Maximum User Weight


Loading Weight


Total Wheelchair Weight


Overall Wheelchair Width

Seat width
+ 20cm

Overall Wheelchair Length


Overall Wheelchair Height

Backrest Height
+ Rear Seat Height

Seat Width

14″ – 20″

Seat Depth

35cm – 42cm

Backrest Height

30cm -55cm

Front Seat Height


Rear Seat Height

40cm – 51cm

Frame Colour(s)

26 Colours

Backrest Angle / Recline

Additional extra


0˚ – 8˚
(tool adjustable)


Not Available


Q: What does “fixed frame” mean?
A: A fixed frame wheelchair does not have removable swing away footrest hangers. The footrests form part of the front framework of the wheelchair.
Q: What is the advantage of a fixed frame wheelchair
A: A fixed frame wheelchair is lighter as there is less hardware needed to make the hangers removable. They are also more compact as you can achieve closer front frame angles.

Repairs & Maintenance

When you purchase your wheelchair and various mobility devices, ensure your supplier has the repair and service backup you will need in the future. We carry spare parts for all our products and with trained technicians to service and repair any product you purchase from us, you can rest assured that your product will last many years in the future

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