Jay Lite

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The Jay Lite is an ultra-lightweight, low maintenance cushion designed for an individual with a low risk of skin breakdown. It consists of a firm, pre-contoured foam base with an Opitwell pelvic loading area (PLA). The foam base is contoured and rigid, providing a great, firm base of support for the pelvis and lower extremities. The base also has multiple holes in it to allow for airflow. This facilitates an active lifestyle as the heat and moisture can be managed adequately. The base design is further enhanced by the airflow that can be achieved through the microclimatic cover.

At a height of 8.6cm, the Jay Lite cushion is practical for any active user. It is also an appropriate cushion for an individual who is at risk of skin breakdown and needs an ultra-light cushion.

Product Features

Airflow Foam Base

This foam base is constructed from closed cell foam with air holes punched through it. It allows for the base to be rigid, while providing ventilation and airflow through it. The rigidity of the base allows for secondary modifications to be made, so that a variety of postural needs can be met. The contoured base further provides good pelvic stability. Enhancing comfort and positioning further for the individual.

3DX Fabric and Microclimatic Cover

The cushion cover for the Jay Lite is comprised of a wicking material and a layer of 3DX spacer fabric. This promotes airflow and dissipates heat and moisture. This process keeps the top surface of the cover and the individual, clean and dry. Preventing the development of any secondary complications that could arise from a damp environment.

Foam Pad

The Jay Lite is different from the high end Jay products as it doesn’t have a gel pad at the back of the cushion. Instead, it has a Optiwell Pelvic Loading Area which has been anthropometrically designed. It is effective in reducing the loading on the ischial tuberosities without overloading the trochanters. The pre-contoured foam base provides the support you need to keep active.


  • Ultra lightweight – 0.75kg
  • Low maintenance
  • Washable with soap and water
  • Cushion Height of 8.6cm
  • Max User Weight of 110kgs
  • Contoured, firm foam base to provide optimal pelvic positioning
  • Optiwell Pelvic Loading Area (PLA) positioned at the back of the cushion to provide pressure relief.



Cushion Width

14″ – 24″

Cushion Depth

35cm – 61cm

Cushion Height


Max User Weight


Product Weight


Cushion Cover Included



Q: Does this cushion provide any pressure care?
A: Yes. It does provide pressure care but is more suitable for a low risk individual. If you are a high pressure risk, you would rather look at the higher end Jay Cushions such as the Jay 2, Jay X2 and the Jay 2 Deep Contour

Q: What is the benefit of the firm foam base on the Jay Lite?
A: The firm, contoured foam base of the Jay Lite provides good stability and positioning for an individual. It also provides a solid surface on which other adaptions can be done to accommodate an individual’s unique positioning needs.

Q: What is the benefit of the Jay Lite Cushion Cover?
A: The cushion cover as a two-way stretch. This allows for proper immersion and prevents an increase in pressure which can result from surface tension. the air-vented top layer promotes airflow and dissipates heat and moisture. This keeps the surface and the individual clean and dry.

Q: What guarantee does it come with?
A: The Jay Lite Cushion comes with a 2 year guarantee.


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