Bodymap AC Cushion

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Looking for a mouldable cushion to accommodate your unique seating posture? Look no further. This cushion uses a vacuum method, whereby air is removed from the cushion using a pump and it hardens into the desired shape. The moulding of the cushion can be easily modified by allowing air back into the cushion and restarting the moulding process. This feature allows for serial moulding, making this cushion ideal for children and adults, whose positioning needs may change over time.

This cushion is similar to the Bodymap AB except that it has lateral supports and flared top which acts as a headrest. It is useful for transporting individuals in cars and wheelchairs. This cushion makes it possible to support an individual’s hips while providing lateral trunk support and correction for a scoliosis and back curvature. It supports the individual in a seated position that is both safe, comfortable and posturally aligned. The shape of the cushion can be adjusted easily if necessary.

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Product Features

Mouldable Cushion

The main benefit of the bodymap cushion is that it can be moulded into any desired shape. Allowing you to be able to accommodate and/or correct various types of postural deformities. The cushion also ensures that the individual is always seated in a certain position. This prevents the development secondary complications that can arise from incorrect seating.

Inflation Valve

This valve controls the amount of air in the bodymap cushion. Removing air from the cushion by using the supplied pump, allows the cushion to be moulded to the desired shape. Remove the silver nozzle from the end, with a simple click, to allow air to flow back into the cushion and for the cushion shape to be changed/corrected.

Servicing Valve

The servicing valve can be found on the bottom of the cushion. It allows for the granules in the cushion to be easily increased or decreased. This is dependent on the individual needs and the type of moulding that is needed. It also allows for the top-up of granules after months of use.

Hand Pump

This small hand pump comes with the cushion and is used to mould the cushion into the desirable shape. It clips into the inflation valve easily and you pump it to remove air from the cushion.

It is recommended when you start moulding the cushion, that you connect the pump and remove some air from the cushion. This process allows for more accurate moulding than starting with a very soft cushion.


  • One cushion that functions as a cushion and backrest with lateral support
  • Moulded to an individual’s specifications
  • Available in 11″ – 19″ inner seat width
  • Outer neoprene cover which is waterproof
  • Allows for serial moulding to occur
  • Allows pressure distribution along the full seated surface
  • Self-adhesive bottom layer which can attach to a variety of seated surfaces.


Download Sizing Chart

Cushion Width (Inner):       11″ – 19″
Cushion Depth:                   28cm – 53cm
Cushion Height:                  5cm – 9cm
Max User Weight:

Cushion Weight: 


Q: How do Bodymap cushions prevent pressure sores if the surface hardens as air is removed?
A: The cushion is moulded to the individual unique posture. This ensures that pressure is distributed evenly across the full seated surface. This prevents there from being any single pressure points.

Q: Why is serial moulding useful?
A: Serial moulding is can be used to maintain postural gains that are achieved through therapy. The cushion can be remoulded as range of a joint improves.

Q: How do you wash clean a Bodymap cushion?
A: You can regularly use a dry brush or vacuum cleaner equipped with attachment made of soft bristles. If stains are big, you can use soap and warm water. Rise with running water and dry with a towel. Do not use direct heat to dry the cushion. Be careful to not to puncture the cushion while cleaning.


Download the Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions

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