Advanced Tube Mattress

From R6,800.00

The Advanced Tube Mattress comprises of 20 separate but interlinked tubes that vary their pressure on a 10 minutes cycle. This is controlled by an electric-driven pump which is supplied with the mattress. The result of this is that no part of your body bears your weight for more than 6 minutes- Good news for you and your skin.
Designed to assist with pressure relief for Medium to high risk clients.


  • Supplied with Cover and a low pressure, high flow pump
  • CPR Function
  • Static Function (stops alternating pressure during activities like eating or therapy.
  • Tubes can be replaced if damaged (no need to throw the entire mattress away


Q: Does it require electricity?
A: Yes, the mattress is attached to a pump that requires electricity to alternate the air flow
Q: Will it heal pressure sores?
A: The mattress is designed to help prevent pressure sores from forming, there is no scientific proof that this mattress heals them, but it will help prevent more or the current ones from worsening.
Q: Does it come in a bigger size?
A: No , The mattress only comes in a single bed size
Q: Can it be repaired ?
A: Yes, both the pump and mattress can be repaired and spare tubes are available to purchase.
Q: Who should be using it?
A: Patients with medium to high risk of developing pressure sores



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