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The largest manufacturer, importer and supplier of wheelchairs and associated products in South Africa

We have a wheelchair to suit any need and budget. 

  • Imported or locally manufactured.
  • Basic economy or custom-built.
  • Rigid or folding.
  • Kids, geriatric or bariatric...

Full maintenance and repairs backup on all our wheelchairs

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Rigid or Folding- Which one is for you?

Rigid wheelchairs are ideal for active users who want the most options for the least amount of weight. With fewer moving parts the majority of your energy you exert in pushing is translated into forward motion. This results in a highly responsive and energy efficient ride. A common myth is that it won't fit in your car... in fact, most Rigids are more compact than a folding wheelchair when disassembled!

Folding wheelchairs are a great option if you have changing needs. They are highly adjustable, ultra lightweight, easily portable and offer one of the broadest ranges of positioning options.



With the right chair, your options are limitless
Your wheelchair is an extension of who you are